Lou & Lux
hi! this blog is about lou teasdale and her 2- year-old daughter lux :) if you have any questions, feel free to ask! thanks for following! xx
Anonymous asked:
Lou posted a pic with Tom at what I assume to be their home. I hope this means the break up rumors aren't true at least for Lux's sake.

just because she posted a pic with tom doesn’t mean that they’re still together. they will still hang around each other obviously because they have a child together

Anonymous asked:
How do you know Lou and Tom broke up? X

they’re not together anymore, they arent even friends on facebook, like lou AND tom removed their relationship statuses it’s kind of obvious, they just split up x

Anonymous asked:
Hi! I have a huge question, I was 100% sure that Lou was engaged to Tom but everyone is saying that they are married. Are they not or are they? Thanks love!:) x

no, they are not married and they are not together. x

Anonymous asked:
Is lux on tour with Lou and the guys (wwa tour)

obvs not right now, the boys are on a break until they go to america. lux might come to other places with them, i dont know. lou said lux isnt travelling with her as much anymore 

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